This trailer is given to 3HMOOBTV by Payeng Race Up Production.  Producer, Lais Lee from Thailand.  Sponsors, Vam Meej Vaj, Xyooj Pov Hawj, Blia Ker Hawj -All from Thailand and some other Hmong sponsors from Laos and China are those who made this film possible.  Casts: Female lead: Bowie Atthama Chiwanichaphan. Male Lead: Akarat Nimitchai. Co Director: Pov Fwm Vaj and other Thai movie stars are cast in this film as well.  Mr. Rit Loecha along with Bowie (female Lead) and 3 other Hmong sponsors and producer from Thailand came for an interview at 3HMOOBTV Studio in St. Paul, MN on 4/27/2012.
Hmoob Blood For Freedom -A New Movie by PAYENG RACE UP Production -Hmoob Muab Ntshav Pauv Kev Ywj Pheej, is a new Hmong Movie that will be showed on May 2nd, 2012 at the International Film Festival in Minneapolis.