Well-prepared for Leading the New Materials Industry

2018.11.13 Source:SELEN

Well-prepared for Leading the New Materials Industry –

Selen Project of Optoelectronics Display Materials Came into Operation and the

Ceremony for the Completion of Phase-I Factory of Xinhengdong Thin Film Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

Ended with a Complete Success

On the morning of November 13, Selen Project of Optoelectronics Display Materials came into operation and a ceremony was held to celebrate the competition of Phase-I Factory, New Hynt Film Thin-Film Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.


The factory has been equipped with 2 precise multi-function coating production lines with the world’s top speed and width around the globe, contributing to production scale of 40 million square meters of optoelectronics display materials. In this way, China’s first localization base focusing on polaroid optical thin films took shape.

   The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Dong Yiyuan, the general manager of New Hynt Film. At the opening, his speech in Chinese and Japanese received rapturous applauses from the participants.


Speech by Mr. Dong Yiyuan, the General Manager of New Hynt Film

According to the president, the project came into operation with the great support of the partners and the efforts of all the staff, symbolizing a new journey in the field of optoelectronics display materials. It is estimated that the third, fourth and fifth production lines will be completed and come into mass production by the second half year of 2020. Meanwhile, we will enhance the cooperation and communications with foreign partners like Toray and Kolon and introduce overseas technologies and products, so as to provide better core raw materials and accessories to domestic plate and polaroid manufacturers. In the end, we will build Selen into a pacemaker and trustworthy partner in the field of new materials.

Osamu Inoue, the executive vice president of Toray Industries Inc., attended the ceremony and made a statement. He highly affirmed the senior executives of Selen as they looked far ahead, invested in the field, introduced overseas advanced technologies, and established the operating team in Japan. He also indicated the further support for Xinhengdong and the conviction that it will become the world’s first coating factory.


Speech by Osamu Inoue, the Executive Vice President of Toray Industries Inc.

Mr. Yin, the head of CPI, Kolon attended the ceremony and made a statement. He indicated that Kolon Industries, Inc. had engaged in flexible OLED for ages with the business philosophy of One&Only and was the world’s first enterprise able to realize the mass production of optical transparent PI film requiring several times of precise coating. Comprehensive mass production will be realized as expected. In addition, Kolon values the development in China and aims to seek potential partners. According to him, the completion of the precise coating lines formed by Xinhengdong provides the chance of cooperation and mutual benefits and more stable guarantee for rapid development and industry chain integration in OLED field.


Speech by Mr. Yoon,Young-Seo from Kolon

Lu Jin, the deputy secretary general of the China Electronics Materials Industry Association expressed congratulations on the operation of the project and Selen’s preliminary achievement in the area. Meanwhile, the association will pay constant attention to the development of Selen and its subsidiary, Xinhengdong, and render support as much as possible, so as to strengthen China’s power in the materials for electronic information field.



Speech by Lu Jin, the deputy secretary general of the China Electronics Materials Industry Association

Le Kunjiu, the chief supervisor of the SAPO, and Technical Consultant Suzuki from TOYOBO attended the ceremony and made a statement. They expressed the wish that Selen would witness huge growth in the business of optoelectronics display materials and become the world’s top player in the field soon.


Speech by Le Kunjiu, the Chief Supervisor of the SAPO


Speech by Technical Consultant Suzuki from TOYOBO

The host, General Manager Shidong, invited 5 persons, including the president, Director Xuchuan Meijiu from TOMOEGAWA, and Director Tao Yuanli from Toray to start the opening ceremony.

More than 250 leaders and guests of the customers, suppliers, investment institutions and industry associations from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China attended the ceremony. They congratulated the smooth operation of the project.

Selen will further pour efforts in development, improve craftsmanship, product quality and service. Consequently, the Company will become the pacemaker and trustworthy partner in the field of new materials. In addition, win-win results of the suppliers, customers, partners, and the whole staff will be certainly realized.


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