The party branch of Xinlun New Materials Co., Ltd. held the first party member meeting

2021.10.21 Source:Xinlun

On the afternoon of October 20, 2021, the first party member meeting of the Party Branch of Xinlun New Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held at the Shenzhen headquarters. Comrade Ma Lifang, full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Gaoxin South District, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. All party members including Secretary of Party Branch and Chairman of Xinlun New Materials Co., Ltd. Liao Yao attended the meeting on-site and by video. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Zeng Yan.


The party member conference kicked off with the solemn national anthem. At the meeting, Comrade Zeng Yan presented the 2021 work report to the conference on behalf of the previous party branch. The report summarized the work development and work results of the party branch in the previous stage, objectively analyzed the existing shortcomings, and mentioned the next stage of the party. The main points of the work of the general branch.


Subsequently, Comrade Ma Lifang, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the South High-tech Zone, read out the "Approval for the Approval of the Establishment of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Xinlun Technology Co., Ltd." and the "Approval of the Candidate for the Secretary of the General Branch Committee of Shenzhen Xinlun Technology Co., Ltd." "Approval of Suggested Candidates", and at the same time affirmed the company's party building work in the first half of the year, and put forward suggestions on the establishment of the company's party branch structure and the company's future party building work.


Comrade Liao Yao, secretary of the party general branch, delivered a speech on behalf of the general party branch. He said that after the establishment of the general party branch, we must actively promote the party building work under the guidance of the party committee of the Gaoxin South District, implement the party building work in practice, and strive to become a non-public party. The banner of organizing party building work. At the same time, Mr. Liao hopes that all party members will seize the opportunity in the new era of localization, give full play to the role of party members as pioneers, so that they can be seen at ordinary times, stand out at critical moments, and be clear at critical moments, and go all out to help the company become a new company. One of the best service providers in the material field. Finally, President Liao pointed out that the company’s party building work should be integrated with the company’s industry, and industry information sharing can be achieved by deepening the learning and exchanges between the party branches.


With deep-rooted talents and strong foundations, the general party branch will continue to be guided by the higher-level party committees and under the leadership of Secretary Liao Yao, adhering to the policy of "promoting business with party building and strengthening party building with business", and carry forward the "dare The spirit of the special zone of "dare to try, dare to be the first, and immerse yourself in hard work", everything is based on reality, fully integrated with the business, and promotes the party building work of non-public enterprises into the mind, deep and practical.

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