Xinlun New Material Technology Operation Center, as the innovation platform for integration of R&D resources and technical support, has insisted on talent-driven innovation and development aiming at meeting customer needs.With independent innovation as the driving force,the extensive collaboration between enterprises, universities and research institutes is developed in order to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.Our company has independently built five industry high-standard R&D centers, one enterprise branch of post-doctoral workstations, and the overseas R&D branch in Japan with the introduction of foreign high-tech and sophisticated R&D testing equipment.We have introduced several innovative teams with nearly 200 members of senior and junior technical personnel from Hong Kong,Taiwan,the USA,Japan and South Korea. Also, we have established long-term cooperation with approximately twenty research institutes from the USA and Japan and dozens of enterprises. 

Adhering to the technical policy of "application, research and reserve", our company is committed to establishing the long-term investment and multi-level R&D system.We have focused on strengthening basic research in order to build solid technological innovation System, comprehensively improving the response capability and service levels for customers.

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